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Limited Time Offer! Enroll NOW for this August Workshop and Gain Full Access to the upcoming one (From: July 5-9).

Being Bold Series Workshops.

Value-packed, powerfully designed transformational workshop: Effortless, Lasting Confidence Mastery!

Being Bold: Emergence-I AM.

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When: August 01-03, 2023

Time: 07:00-10:00am (GMT +3)

For 3 hours daily, we embark on an inner inquiring journey to discover how to heal, accept and express yourself fully and unapologetically. This intensive and interactive coaching is lovingly and expertly led to facilitate the necessary mindset transformation, so you can remember who you are! Get ready to boldly step into your soul-aligned authentic self expression through Chakras Activation and Alignment.

Let's Raise Your Vibes! All The Way Up!!!

Enroll Today: Only: $445


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